Jai Vaishno Devi
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katha of mata vaishno devi.....
Mata Vaishno Devi followed and worshiped Lord Vishnu and considered him as HER ideal.
At about 2 kms from Katra, from where we start our Maa Vaishno Devi Katha today, is situated an old village, Hansal, also called (Hansalli). Around 700 years ago, there lived a very poor priest named Pandit Shirdhar, who was very heartily devoted to Maa Vaishnodevi. He used to sing his daily prayers and performed Maa Vaishno Devi Puja daily. He also used to worship little girls (called Kanya Pujan) regularly. And as faith was, he was childless and had no children of his own.His daily Puja and Prayers for Maiya Vaishnodevi went on for many years. At last seeing his firm-faith and the true devotion, Maiya one day came to Panditji, in the form of a little innocent girl.

Pandit Shridhar had been busy in his daily preparation of Kanya Pujan, where, some little girls were present before him. Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi manifested herself in those little-girls. As per the Hindu tradition, while Pt. Shirdhar had been washing the feet of these little girls, his sight fell on Maiya manifested Herself in the form of a little girl. Panditji was astonished to see Her celestial beauty in vermilion garbs; She wore on Her divine body. He had never seen the little girl before, and She did not even seem to belong to his village. Anyway, he worshipped as usual. When the Puja was over, all the girls returned to their homes after getting their offerings from Panditji, except Meri Maiya who remained seated.
Panditji was very much confused and was about to enquire and ask Maiya Vaishno Devi, that Maiya Herself spoke to him and said " I have an important task for you." Panditji was spell bound and was astonished more and more to listen to such a conversation from that little-girl. Maa Vaishno devi asked Panditji to invite people from neighboring villages for a collective lunch - called Bhandhara. Panditji was very much confused and before he could say anything or ask Maiya vaishno about Her, Maiya disappeared. [ Bhumika Temple - About 2 kilometers from Katra on Panthal Road, is situated Bhumika Temple. This is the place, where Pt. Shirdhar had the sight of Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi - The Divine Girl. At this very place Pt. Shridhar arranged the Bhandhara.] Pt. Shirdhar went on thinking hard - who this little girl was?, but was unable to find an answer to it? She might be an "Eternal-Girl", or may be Maiya Vaishnodevi Herself and the more he thought the more he got confused, and worried for the "Bhandhara", as it was not possible for him to keep such a huge Bhandhara. He could not think of anything, and in the end, he decided to obey the Divine Girl and went to tell and invite the people in the neighboring villages..
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